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The Components of Communication

Building the connected future: electronic components for enabling communications

Since 1961, the Components Group of Hewlett-Packard has been building the elements of the infrastructure that make this communication possible. Today, these devices need to be smaller, faster and more reliable than ever to meet the application demands of our customers--and of our customers’ customers.

HP components for communications applications provide the enabling technologies necessary for development of wired and wireless systems and products. These components are crucial to a number of emerging high-growth fields, including personal commu-nications, digital cellular phones, advanced cordless phones, pagers, wireless local area networks and PBXs, direct-broadcast satellite systems and the global positioning system.

For data communications and telecommunications, HP offers the broadest line of fiber optic components in the world, as well as enabling technology for most of today’s wireless communication applications, including innovative radio-frequency (RF) semiconductors specifically optimized for use in mobile-communications hand-sets and base stations, as well as for TV distribution equipment.

As the industry moves from proprietary, monolithic and inflexible architectures to open, scalable and distributed technologies, HP is continuing to strengthen its leadership role in providing communications component products that ensure long-term performance and value for our customers.

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