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Okay, so my clever, fancy-shmancy navigation may not really be so clever or it's too clever by half, as the Brits would have it. It can be as easy as 1-2-3 or even just 1-2.

Move your mouse over any of the four statue heads and another row of icons appears below and the name of that section of the site appears on the right.

Click on one of the first row icons and then move your mouse over the next row of icons to see the subsection of the site displayed below the title of the section. Except for the "Gallery" sections of the site, clicking on one of the icons on the second row takes you to the named subsection.

The five galleries are comprised of four or five rooms each. When you run your pointer over a gallery icon, the room icons are visible below. Click on a gallery icon and then you can select which gallery room to visit.

Click on a top level icon at any time to review the options.



Four sections comprise the site: Galleries, Ephemera, Slide Shows, and Site Info. Roughly 1,000 images are in the various galleries. Ephemera are the changing parts of the site.

Ephemera consists of the Carousel, Pick of the Month, Recent Shots and Puzzles. With thousands of images not included on the site, the Carousel is the revolving part of the collection to showcase some of the other images. Pick of the Month lets you choose your favorite image from a small set and view previous favorites.

Help/Guide, Dedication and Author are the three subsections that make up Site Info.

All slide shows are in the one section, Slide Shows (surprise).

The Galleries are: Wonders (my favorites), Folk (people, not folk music), Earth (nature), Whim (messed with images), and Artifice (man-made objects). Each gallery consists of four or five rooms. Many different classification systems could have been used and you couldn't do any more second guessing than I did. Also, many pictures could have been put in more than one gallery.

The rooms for Folk are: Lovelies, Wee Folk, Candids, Friends, and Led Zeppelin. The candids include pictures from many eras and countries. The Led Zeppelin room contains mostly pictures from their '72-'73 tour of Britain.

"Earth" is comprised of rooms for Flora, Fauna, Land, Marinarium (Sea), and Sky.

Whim has images that are composites ("sandwiches") of multiple images, significantly modified photos, and original graphics.

Artifice consists of images from US cities, Britain, Italy, rural artifacts, and images of other artists' work.

Wonders rooms parallel the other galleries: Whimsey, Humanity, Nature and Artifacts.

Suggestions for optimal viewing

Use Internet Explorer 5 or later since it provides color correction. Best viewed with a screen resolution of 800x600 (or 832x624) for largest image size without scrolling. Best viewed on a large color-calibrated monitor set for 32 bit color (millions of colors). Calibration and large size, desirable but far from required.