Try your hand at figuring out what these images are.

None of them have been tricked out digitally.

Identifications appear at the bottom.

Please scroll down.












The Puzzle is not in the identification, but whether the bird really has 4 legs.



The 1st is not an abstraction, but a picture of the Los Angleles Basin at night.


The second is another aerial photo, this time of the Italian Alps.


The main feature of the 3rd photo is the side of a grand piano, with a double bass, a couple of pictures and a skylight. Reflected in the side of the piano is a balcony; indeed the balcony where Sean Penn and Madonna were married.


The strange object in the foreground is a part of a horse's head with some folks and the dawn in the background.


I don't think the bird really has four legs, do you?


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