Photograph by Tom Houston

Frank Mullin

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Brief Bio

A man for all seasons may be a man for no particular season, not even his own. Fortune has led me through many of the adventures specific to my time — computers, Civil Rights, folk music, the Apoll
o moon project, the Hippie counterculture with its free love and drugs, the anti-war movement, photography and multimedia productions, invention of an early digital synthesizer, rock and roll, some of the early research in the treatment of child abuse, feminism, management consulting for Indian tribes, obscure and powerful computer languages, a few half-baked business schemes, and currently, the web. One of my more amazing adventures is one of the timeless ones, raising a child. Other experiences in that enduring class are friendships and the search for knowledge and meaning. As with any quest, no line of unbroken progress is drawn; some disappointments dot the arc.

Some maintain that money is the measure of success; indeed, for them, it is bound into the very definition of the word. I choose to take a broader view that success entails achieving happiness and a satisfying quality of life. Any fortunes I’ve seen were certainly not my own, but I maintain that I have lived better than most of the kings in history and never had to worry about losing wealth and power. Perhaps, success should include both living well and dying well. But none of us can say or know how we will die, though shadows and intimations can give us a clue. The winner is not the one with the most toys, but the one with the most joys.

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