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Retail Products for Enhanced Customer Interface

Improving the reliability of point-of-sale systems

Product Pix HP’s high-brightness, high-efficiency LED lamps are proven performers in large-area displays such as moving-message advertising panels. Not only do they help attract attention to the sign, but they save energy as well. Our extremely small surface-mount LEDs are ideal for backlighting keypads and LCD displays on all types of battery-powered data entry terminals— they are simple to install using automated manufacturing technology, and can help increase the battery life of any portable equipment. HP alphanumeric LED displays are readable in high-ambient-light conditions and are available in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations to fit any equipment.

RF Semiconductors

Most of the radio-frequency sockets of wireless data entry terminals, operating at virtually any of the assigned frequency bands—licensed or not—can be filled with reliable, low-current HP RF semiconductors: miniature low-voltage RF integrated circuits, low-current transistors, Schottky-barrier diodes for signal detection and PIN diodes featuring ultra-low series resistance for efficient power handling and ultra-fast switching speeds.

Infrared Transceivers, Emitters and Detectors

HP’s infrared transceivers, emitters and detectors provide an excellent way to exchange data between handheld POS terminals and computers, offering rapid and accurate file transfer over short distances without cables and connectors.


For some communications requirements between commercial point-of-sale or inventory-control terminals, high-capacity networks may simply be overkill. HP has wide experience in providing components for slower-speed, low-cost networking in the commercial and industrial environment. Our product line encompasses 650 nm, 820 nm and 1300 nm components that can be used with plastic, HCS and 62.5/ 125-micron glass fiber-optic cable. Even these very low-cost components offer data rates of up to 155 Mb/s over distances of up to 2 kilometers and provide the significant feature of preventing data loss due to electromagnetic interference. For industrial copper-twisted- pair networks such as CAN bus, RS 485, DeviceNet and Profibus, HP’s optocouplers protect the sensitive electronic circuitry from electrical noise generated in the warehouse, store or factory, and can support data rates of up to 50 Mb/s.

Motion Control Components

Many electromechanical applications in the retail field— ranging from miniature printers to robotic warehouse equipment— can be improved through the use of HP motion control components. HP offers products ranging from highly-accurate transmissive rotary and linear encoders suitable for precision robotic equipment to very-low-cost, tiny reflective sensors that can fit almost anywhere.

Product Summary

Retail and Point-of-Sale

Products for bar code readers, wireless “smart cards” for area access and data collection, and for reliable, low-cost wireless, wired and fiber-optic data transfer.

Product Pix

- LED Transmitters & PIN Preamp Receivers to 155 Mb/s & 500 m
- Infrared Transceiver Modules to 4 Mb/s
- Discrete Infrared Emitters, Detectors and Interface ICs
- PIN Diodes
- Schottky Diodes
- Si Bipolar Transistors
- Si and GaAs Fixed Gain RFIC Amplifiers
- Si and GaAs Active Mixer/IF Amplifiers and Switches
- GaP LED Lamps
- Alphanumeric 5¥7 Displays
- Seven Segment Displays
- Surface Mount LEDs

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