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Office Automation for Workgroup Productivity

Enhancing the ways we share information

Product Pix Connectivity—networking via twisted pair or coaxial cable, fiber optics, or through the air on radio waves or beams of infrared light—is becoming a necessity in today’s environment of workgroup integration and information sharing. In new installations, fiber optics help assure capacity and speed to meet future demands as well as eliminating the possibility of lost data due to interference. HP provides economical, reliable fiber-optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers meeting the specifications of virtually all of today’s networking standards— from desktop connections to wide-area-network backbones. For twisted-pair networking and modem telephone connections, HP’s optocouplers not only prevent data corruption due to electrical interference, but protect sensitive low-voltage components from damage from lightning or high-voltage noise.

IrDA-compliant Optical Transceivers

In addition to the industry’s most extensive line of fiber-optic components, HP provides a family of Infrared Data Association (IrDA)-compliant optical transceivers, as well as infrared emitters and detectors, operating at speeds of up to 4 Mb/s. Infrared data links, which work at distances of up to 1 meter, can replace wired connections to printers, between notebook and desktop computers, and between computers and networks. With many “mobile professionals” now using notebook computers as their main computer, wireless connectivity offers the freedom of “point and shoot” data transfer without the complications of cables and connectors. In many office environments users are discovering that radio-frequency data transmission and networking provides convenience and flexibility. HP offers the components—transistors, diodes, RFICs—used in wireless devices ranging from advanced digital cordless telephones to wireless LAN adapters. Incorporated as an integral part of equipment, or supplied in add-on adapters (“dongles”), cableless/wireless connectivity is becoming a standard part of the office environment.

LED Indicators

For office automation equipment, HP’s LED-based products help improve the appearance and readability of control panels while offering an economical solution to life-of-the-equipment reliability. HP’s surface-mount LED indicators and illumination sources permit automated assembly of control panels, and are an excellent choice for backlighting control panels, keypads and liquid-crystal displays.

LED Displays

HP’s LED displays are highly visible in dimly-lit environments and are available in a wide variety of character sizes, colors and package configurations —including self-contained alphanumeric displays incorporating all necessary decoding circuitry to simplify equipment design, and segmented “non-intelligent” displays.

Motion-control Components

For equipment using mechanical elements, HP motion control components—rotary and linear encoders, encoder modules, digital potentiometers and supporting integrated circuits—are a reliable and accurate way to indicate absolute or relative position, velocity or acceleration. For example, HP motion control components are used in ink-jet printers to provide feedback on the position and movement of printheads. HP offers both transmissive encoders and extremely compact, low-cost, moderate-resolution reflective encoders that are small enough to fit within a conventional electric motor assembly.

Bar-code-reader Components

Many offices also offer ideal opportunities to save time and assure data-entry accuracy by using bar code labels read by HP’s bar-code-reader components. Products include the optical reflective sensors and decoder ICs that make it easy for manufacturers to add bar code capabilities to their own products. HP decoder ICs feature techniques to reduce power consumption and sensitivity to ambient light.

Product Summary

Office Automation

Products used in office automation equipment such as personal computers, printers, FAX machines, image scanners, network servers, mainframe and mid-sized computers, copiers and plotters; in functions such as motion control, fiber-optic data transmission, “point-and-shoot” infrared transmission and LED displays and indicators.

Product Pix

- LED Based MMF Transceivers to 622 Mb/s and 500 m
- Laser Based MMF and SMF Transceivers to 1.5 Gb/s and 2 km
- Low Cost LED Transmitters to 100 Mb/s and 500 m
- Low Cost/PIN Preamp Receivers to 100 Mb/s and 500 m
- Laser Transmitters to 100 Mb/s and 2 km
- PIN Preamp Receivers to 155 Mb/s and 2 km
- Fibre Channel Transceivers, Transmitters and Receivers to 1063 Mb/s
- Fibre Channel FC1-FC4 Protocol ICs
- Infrared Transceiver Modules to 4 Mb/s
- Discrete Infrared Devices to 4 Mb/s
- High Linearity and Low Propagation Delay Optocouplers
- PIN Diodes
- Schottky Diodes
- Si Bipolar Transistors
- Si and GaAs Fixed Gain RFIC Amplifiers
- Si and GaAs Active Mixer/IF Amplifiers and Switches
- Surface Mount LEDs
- Subminiature LEDs
- GaP LED Lamps
- AlGaAs LED Lamps
- Surface Mount Encoders
- Motion Control Components
- Alphanumeric LED Displays

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