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Network Equipment for an Interconnected World

Enabling ever-faster communications for global organizations

Product Pix Hewlett-Packard offers a broad line of components for fiber optic, infrared and RF wireless connections for local-area network applications. HP’s components support all major data communication and telecommunications standards including ATM, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, 100 VG AnyLAN, Token Ring, FDDI, Fibre Channel and HiPPI, as well as proprietary networking and point-to-point standards.

Fiber Optic Components

HP offers the industry’s most extensive line of fiber optic multimode (MMF) and single mode (SMF) transceivers, transmitters, receivers, and complementary ICs using LED, laser and high-speed silicon IC technologies. HP products are designed on common package platforms such as standard 1x9, 1x13, 2x9 and 2x11 pinout footprints accommodating SC and ST connectors, and at common data rates up to 1.5 Gb/s. HP’s high-volume production results in economies of scale that make our pricing extremely competitive. HP's Fibre Channel component line includes transmitters, receivers and card-level products for both fiber and copper media interfaces, meeting all ANSI Fibre Channel data rates of 133, 266, 531 and 1063 MBd. HP also offers an FC1-FC4 layer-compliant protocol IC, allowing designers to develop full network interface card functionality by simply adding bus interface logic to HP’s ICs and transceivers.

RF Components

For radio-frequency local area networks and interfaces, a growing number of HP RF components combine 3-volt operation with ultra-miniature surface-mount packaging—ideal for PC Card applications and other miniaturized battery-operated equipment. HP offers RF integrated circuits including integrated transmit/receive switches, signal detectors, direct-conversion and dual-conversion vector modulators, active mixers, low-noise amplifiers and general-purpose gain blocks. HP’s range of silicon bipolar and GaAs transistors provide specialized solutions for low-noise amplifiers and oscillators, as well as an extensive range of general-purpose devices to add gain or increase power through a wireless system. HP Schottky-barrier diodes can be used to make extremely cost-effective frequency conversion circuits and detectors, and HP PIN diodes may be used to provide gain control, switching and level setting functions.

IrDA Infrared Transceivers

HP’s IrDA-standard infrared transceivers, in addition to providing extremely cost-effective cableless links between portable computers and peripherals, are also being used in a new generation of network adapters. This means that an IrDA-port-equipped notebook computer can now be set within approximately 1 meter of a network interface, and be instantly connected into a conventional Ethernet local-area network. HP also offers separate high-efficiency IR light sources and high-sensitivity photodetectors for developers of diffuse IR networks and network adapters.

High-efficiency LEDs

For plug-in cards of all kinds, HP’s high-efficiency LEDs are perfect for status indicators—they consume the least possible power, while providing the highest-possible visibility. Already widely used in network cards, HP LEDs are an excellent addition to PC Card network adapters and modems as well.

Product Summary


Products for data transmission between computers, peripherals and network equipment in the office, building backbone and campus; and for wide area networks where single-mode fiber, long distances, extended temperature ranges and stringent qualification are required.

Product Pix

- LED Based MMF Transceivers to 622 Mb/s and 500 m
- Laser Based MMF and SMF Transceivers to 1.5 Gb/s and 2 km
- Low Cost LED Transmitters to 100 Mb/s and 500 m
- Low Cost/PIN Preamp Receivers to 100 Mb/s and 500 m
- Laser Transmitters to 100 Mb/s and 2 km
- PIN Preamp Receivers to 155 Mb/s and 2 km
- Fibre Channel Transceivers, Transmitters and Receivers to 1063 Mb/s
- Fibre Channel FC1-FC4 Protocol ICs
- Infrared Transceiver Modules to 4 Mb/s
- Discrete Infrared Devices to 4 Mb/s
- High Linearity and Low Propagation Delay Optocouplers
- PIN Diodes
- Schottky Diodes
- Si Bipolar Transistors
- Si and GaAs Fixed Gain RFIC Amplifiers
- Si and GaAs Active Mixer/IF Amplifiers and Switches
- Surface Mount LEDs
- Subminiature LEDs
- AlGaAs LED Lamps
- GaP LED Lamps
- Right Angle LED Lamp Options
- Surface Mount Right Angle LEDs
- Motion Control Components

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