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Business Computing for Mobile Professionals

Extending the life of battery-powered products

Product Pix HP’s high-efficiency LED technology “shines” in battery-operated equipment applications of all kinds. HP’s extremely small surface-mount LEDs are used as backlighting for keypads and LCD indicators. Their small size and lower power consumption help make products even smaller, and help assure longer battery life. HP’s alphanumeric LED displays give handsets and other portable equipment improved visibility in dimly-lit environments, and come in a variety of attractive colors.

Radio-Frequency Connectivity

HP is a leader in high-performance components for radio-frequency connectivity. Our wide array of components include integrated circuits such as mixers for frequency conversion, low-noise amplifiers, gain blocks, driver amplifiers, and vector modulators; silicon power transistors offering very high DC-to-RF efficiency; low-noise transistors to improve receiver performance; PIN diodes for ultra-fast attenuation control and transmit-receive switching; and Schottky-barrier diodes for mixer, clipping and detector applications. HP is continually offering RF components in ever-smaller industry-standard packages for more compact designs, and expanding the availability of 3-volt products that use very little current.

IrDA-compliant IR Devices

HP’s IrDA-compliant IR devices offer a low-cost, cableless connection at data rates to 4 Mb/s, making them ideal for providing easy-to-use, reliable connectivity to PDAs, notebook computers— even to mobile phones and pagers. Adding an IR connection to telephones and pagers provides the ability to send and receive data from long distances while retaining the ease of use of a cableless connection. And, with a 4 Mb/s data rate—higher rates are under development—it becomes entirely practical to transmit still images from a digital camera to a computer for processing, or directly to a printer.

Surface-mount Reflective Optical Encoder

The extremely small size of HP’s unique surface-mount reflective optical encoder (3.94 mm x 5.08 mm x 3.18 mm) opens new possibilities for controlling the position of print-heads, scanning heads and paper feeds in portable printers, optical scanners and other electromechanical equipment. Its very competitive price makes it an even more attractive choice.

Product Summary

Mobile Computing

Products used in mobile equipment such as notebook computers, personal digital assistants, cellular phones, pagers and digital cameras-particularly where low power consumption and increased battery life are paramount.

Product Pix

- Infrared Transceiver Modules to 4 Mb/s
- Discrete Infrared Emitters, Detectors and ICs
- PIN Diodes
- Schottky Diodes
- Si Bipolar Transistors
- Si Power Discrete Transistors
- Si and GaAs Fixed Gain RFIC Amplifiers
- Si and GaAs Active Mixer/IF Amplifiers and Switches
- Integrated Transmitter/Receiver Chipset for Wireless Data Applications
- Surface Mount ChipLEDs
- Subminiature LEDs
- Surface Mount Encoders
- Alphanumeric LED Displays
- Seven Segment Displays

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