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Home Computer Center Products for Work and Play

Bringing low-cost flexibility to those who need it

Product Pix The elements of the “smart home”—the “house of the future”—are, in reality, already available. Currently, however, such elements lack the key element of integration. Today, people are able to purchase advanced home security systems, digital satellite television receivers featuring MPEG (motion picture expert group) video compression technology, multimedia computers and many other “high-tech” home accessories. The problem is that many of these devices are operating separately—just waiting for standards to be developed to tie everything together.

Low-cost Fiber Optic Ports

One feasible approach will be an integrated home fiber-optic network using, in all likelihood, low-cost plastic multimode fiber. HP’s Components Group has extensive experience in lowering the cost of both telecommunications and data communications fiber optic components. HP has already developed low-cost fiber optic transmitter and receiver ports which, combined with low-cost 1-mm plastic fiber-optic cable, permits data transfer at distances of tens of meters and speeds up to 125 MBd at costs very comparable to conventional twisted-pair copper cable. Distances of up to 100 meters using low-cost HCS* fiber are also extremely economical. When standards for home fiber optics are developed, HP will be ready with the right components at the right price.

Microwave Integrated Circuits and Diodes

For television and multimedia delivery to the home—for example via digital satellite services—HP provides ultra-low-noise amplification and downconversion products through its gallium arsenide pseudomorphic high electronic mobility transistor (PHEMT), and silicon and GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit and diode technologies. HP developed the world’s first Ku-band silicon downconverter MMIC for digital satellite television. In addition, HP is providing LED lamps and displays for set-top boxes that combine high reliability with low power consumption.

Wireless Components

HP also offers wireless components for applications such as advanced digital cordless phones. These include, for example, a three-chip integrated-circuit set operating at 3 volts that provides nearly all of the active radio-frequency functions needed for applications such as: personal communications systems in the U.S. 1,900 MHz frequency bands; digital European cordless telephones (DECT) in the 1,880 MHz to 1,900 MHz frequency range; and both voice systems and data modems designed for unlicensed operation in the U.S. 2,400- to 2,500-MHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band, and similar frequencies in other countries.

IrDA-compliant Infrared Technology

Many companies are now encouraging employees to work at home as part of programs to reduce automobile travel and air pollution and to improve their employees’ balance between work and family life. Many such employees bring their work home on notebook computers, and are finding that an IrDA-compatible infrared port—now supported under Windows ® 95 and other operating systems—makes “synchronizing” their desktop computers with their notebooks an easy task. All manufacturers of notebook computers now produce at least one model incorporating an infrared communications port. HP offers an economical and effective solution to integrating infrared in any computer or peripheral.

Product Summary

Home Computer Center

Products for the home office and multimedia entertainment system, integrating multimedia personal computing with image scanners, FAX, printers, CD-ROM, security and home automation equipment, answering machines, modems, cordless phones and television set-top boxes.

Product Pix

- LED Transmitters & PIN Preamp Rcvrs to 155 Mb/s & 500 m
- Infrared Transceiver Modules to 4 Mb/s
- Discrete Infrared Emitters, Detectors and Interface ICs
- PIN Diodes
- Schottky Diodes
- Si Bipolar Transistors
- Si and GaAs Fixed Gain RFIC Amplifiers
- Si and GaAs Active Mixer/IF Amplifiers and Switches
- Surface Mount ChipLEDs
- AlGaAs LED Lamps
- GaP LED Lamps
- Seven Segment Displays
- Alphanumeric 5¥7 Displays
- Motion Control Components

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