Chain Link Technologies powers the eBusiness production line of companies for whom technology is the business.

Customers like Cisco, Corio, and Fidelity are racing offerings to market by integrating their business and technology teams and automating the innovation to implementation production line.

Just like Henry Ford streamlined manufacturing processes, and ERP standardized and integrated business processes, Chain Link brings consistency and speed to technology processes.

"Corio is committed to delivering the highest service and value to our customers. We selected Chain Link solutions to provide us with an automated, repeatable process to manage our hosted applications that will significantly reduce implementation times and improve service levels for all our customers.

George Kadifa



Chain Link's Apps*Integrity product wins prestigious Crossroads 2000 A-List Award in Group 3: Technology Infrastructure. With this award, Apps*Integrity further establishes itself as the leading solution providing deployment automation for mission critical eBusiness applications.


Chain Link Announces Three Senior Level Appointments to its Management Team

Chain Link completes red hot management team with latest appointments by Bryan Plug, CEO.


Now Available! Introducing the Chain Link Accelerator for Siebel. Learn how successful companies like Corio and Xircom benefit with the latest solution from Chain Link.



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